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IT Solutions


BRAINSAT offers managed networking solutions for small, medium, and large businesses alike. Every company has different needs, and those requirements are resolved with the versatile managed networking options available through the use of Windows and Linux based systems. We provide networking services over wires, fiber optics, wireless or Wi-fi according to your demands.

Professional firewall installation is an excellent security feature, and the industry certified technicians at BRAINSAT ICT have a proven track record you can count on. We provide optimal load balancing techniques that allow fast reliable routing solutions at a minimal price, which gives you the most efficient managed networking options, whether your needs are an office environment, VPN for employees on the go, or the power needed to become a global player in today’s data rich business community.

BRAINSAT is not limited to support of only one or two vendors. Our managed networking services are easily applied to many software packages, and may be distributed across multiple hardware configurations. If your company has branch offices, we can easily and efficiently integrate them into the central network, extending the company environment to encompass every employee at every location they may need to log on from, including those who telecommute, or are often forced to use the network from remote and changing locations.

BRAINSAT unlocks the full potential of your managed networking experience, integrating a wide array of products and hardware installations. Our managed networking procedure begins with an in-depth consultation, which defines the needs of your Enterprise level company, and allows us to collect the information we require to provide your managed networking needs in a way that provides the most power and flexibility available at the lowest cost.With BRAINSAT managed network support services you can rest assured that you are well taken care of. Our packages include monitoring, reporting, design and troubleshooting.

To meet the ever growing demands of our clients BRAINSAT has created a custom suite of networking and computer support service packages often tailored to our clients environments.